Last Words

February 29, 2008

As a conclusion, we figured we should write something about what we feel we’ve learnt during this project.

When noticing the differences between the two cultures, the religious purposes in the Indian art are easily seen, but among the Native Americans, art is usually practised for functional purposes only, or decoration for such objects as canoes, dresses, containers etc. Another difference is obviously the religions; the Indians are Hindus while the Native Americans are Pagans / Christians. Music is an essential difference too, because most of the American Indians’ songs have spiritual purposes such as healing, while in India it is mainly practised to satisfy own feelings or tell stories and other less religious or spiritual ways.

As a contrast, what makes them alike are how they practice ceremonies and rituals and how they let religion influence their lives hugely. Families and nature are main focuses to both cultures, and they have very close relations to their fellow creatures on earth. As an example is their huge respect for the elders and especially the animals surrounding them.



February 26, 2008

We’re looking forward to see what differs the Native American Indians from the Indian Indians. Culture is an important element to the identity of these peoples, and by looking more deeply at the differences we’ll get a better view of how and why the art has developed the way it has. 

The problem we’ve chosen is to compare these two different cultures, and mainly learn about their music, sculptures and pictorial art.

Some people have been wondering why we’ve chosen to compare Native Americans and Indians, because they don’t really have much to do with each other. The answer is simply that we had to choose two English speaking countries (from the English curriculum), and these two cultures seemed very interesting to learn more about, as they’re very different from our western culture.

Some have even asked whether we know the difference between the Indians… Which we do. I hope. Concerning the Native Americans, they are the indigenous people in America, while when we use the term Indians, we mean the people of India.

Further on, we intend to use different means to show our readers why we’ve become so interested in these particular cultures, and when we see the small likenesses it motivates us to keep looking for what brings humans together and makes us one species, out of consideration for which world part we come from or how history has shaped us through the ages.

This is an Indian girl and a Native American Indian.
Can you spot the likeness?

z-v1.jpg   proud-native-american.jpg