Fact file: The Mayas

February 29, 2008

– A Native American tribe

maya-19small.jpgWhat? When it comes to native cultures in the Central-America, the Mayas have always been one of the big central tribes. Most people associate the word “Maya” with the native pyramids. Well, for those who want to experience a bit of one of the world’s rarest and most famous cultures, read further, because there is a lot more to know.

Who? The Mayas is also referred as a population of native americans who built the famous Maya temples and worshipping gods by preforming execution with human and animal sacrifices. The old maya civilization does no longer exist, mostly because of the european invasion in the 16th century.

Where? The civilized mayas lived in Central-America, in the borders of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Today’s mayas live in the modern part of Guatemala and parts of Mexico.

Why? The Mayan art had its influences from politics, the ancient calendar and of course, religion. With help from old sculptures, jewelry, pottery and wall painting, the archaeologists has been enabled to understand the way the old natives once lived. The Mayas are not very differently from the Northern Native Americans. By studying their art, it was easier to learn about their nature, identities and rituals. It is the same when it comes to the Asian Indians. Each culture has its own art and cultural expressions. They are famous for their unusual architecture and the old pyramids have become an important source for tourism.


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