Fact File: Aztek

February 29, 2008

Human sacrifice as shown in the Codex Magliabechiano.What? The Aztek was one of the greatest tribes of Central-America. Moteuczoma, was the main chief of all azteks who ruled one of the richest countries in whole America. When the spanish adventurer Hernán Cortès led a group of soldiers from Europe in 1519, they met the city og azteks. It led to one of the most dramatic historical events in time.  

Who? The azteks were civilizated people, not very different from the Mayas. The azteks warriors wore clothes of cotton and feathers. They vere extremly religious, and believed in the so-called Moteuczoma, which was an philosophy where the Azteks gave human blood and human hearts as a sacrifice to their gods, so the world would not surrender. There were somewhere around 1 600 gods. One for each aspect of life. The ceremonies contained dancing, theater in exeptional detailed costumes and kanibalism.  

Where? As shown in the picture, the Azteks lived in central mexico. The Azteks settled down in a fertile area somewhere around 1325. They were contantly practising war, and formed allies with other tribes.

 If you want more information, the moviemakers Dreamworks has made a movie based on Cortés meeting with the Azteks. The Movie is called Eldorado, for those who wants to know more!



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